Personal Hygiene Tips for Moms On-the-Go

Photo by Sestrjevitovschii Ina on Unsplash

Most days you are so busy taking care of all those around you that you don’t have any time to pamper yourself, let alone take a shower. Here are some tips that can help you to feel fresh and clean throughout the day.

Every mother with small children usually has some baby wipes in her bag. Use a baby wipe on your face and neck to deal with sweat, dirt and smudged makeup.

Another baby product that can work wonders is powder. Sprinkle it on your arms, chest and feet to decrease moisture. Many of them have a fragrant scent so you will smell good too. Baby powder works like magic on greasy hair.

Rub it onto your hair and it absorbs the oil. Of course a dry shampoo works the same way but it’s more expensive.

Do you see another mother walking toward you and feel embarrassed to open your mouth because you didn’t have time to brush your teeth? Pop in a pocket-sized mouthwash strip and face her with confidence.

A quick application of some tinted moisturizer and lipstick can make you look less jaded in a minute. It will perk you up and make you feel less like you’ve just run a marathon.

Using a body spray with a light, fresh fragrance is another way keep feeling fresh. A quick squirt after playing around with your kids will quickly mask any body odor.