New Earring Trend will Leave you Breathless

Image via alisonlou/Instagram

Here’s a new earring trend that is funky and fresh. Alison Lou is a fine-jeweler from New York who has turned the jewelry world on its head, and here’s what you need to know to stay caught up.

A Break From Tradition

Lou redefined the meaning of fine jewelry by questioning the materials used and pricing available. Not everyone can drop thousands on a pair of diamond earrings, and you shouldn’t have to.

The pieces also focus on versatility. Having multiple sizes and colors makes it easy to go from the workplace to a fun night out with friends.

The brand focuses on using resins and enamel to create fun jewelry that is more of a stand-out piece than a strand of pearls. Using unique materials provides a look that is very obviously modern. The acrylic resin material resembles the style of the 50’s and 60’s.

Diva Hoops

The brand has a lot of different options. Everything from a penne pasta shaped ring to a pure diamond emoji necklace. Recently, Lou put out a 12-piece collection that features lucite and enamel hoop earrings.

The contemporary style is colorful and bold without looking cheap. Silver and gold is a thing of the past. This generation wants bold statement pieces that are relatively affordable.


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