Most Popular Fall 2018 Travel Destinations

Malta. Image via Photo by Sarah Crutchfield on Unsplash

If you decided to pass on the summer vacay, or you need an extra one this autumn, we’ve got the perfect locations. Starting from September, temperatures get more pleasant, and prices are much lower. Those are two extra reasons to take a look at the list of most popular fall 2018 destinations.


Malta is one of the most amazing islands you will ever visit. It’s rated very high on the most popular fall 2018 destinations list. The reason for the popularity is that it offers a little bit of everything. Breath-taking beaches, busy nightlife, natural wonders are just a part of the reasons it should also make your top three.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is also huge for 2018, and fall seems to be the perfect season to visit. This place is full of amazing hotels, restaurants, clubs and mile-long beaches that will make your heart stop. Prices are also lower in fall.

Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is one of the most unique destinations in the world, completely different from what you’re used to. During summer temperatures are sky-high, so you can start planning your fall trip. It is a very affordable location as well.


Whatever you do, make sure to consider Uzbekistan in your fall 2018 destinations list. Just like Marrakech, it is extremely special. It gathers so many different cultures, that you’ll enjoy every single second spent there.