LEIN Is The Perfect Bridal Collection For Brides Who Want To Wear It Again

It is no secret that a wedding dress custom is a pricey one. According to Credit Donkey, the average bride spends upwards of $1,500 on her dress alone. That doesn’t include shoes, accessories, or any other necessary wedding costs. A bride deserves to look and feel her best on her big day but for many, this cost is just too high for a dress that is only going to be worn once.

LEIN’s solution to this problem is not to offer budget bridal wear but to offer bridal wear that can be worn more than once. These dresses are also perfect for the bride who wants a separate outfit for the afterparty or rehearsal dinner. Their line is suitable for those looking for the “second dress” or for those looking for the dress, that they can wear twice. Here’s a look at some of LEIN’s popular pieces.


Bridal jumpsuits are a great trend. Not only are bridal jumpsuits stunning, but they are also far more practical for having a dance later in the evening.

Satin Mini

This gorgeous satin mini dress is understated yet sophisticated.

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ines in our satin mini

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Dotted Suit

Our obsession with tailored two-pieces just made it into LEIN’s bridal range.

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sophia in our dotted suit and fringe pouch

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Shelley Peplum Dress

A wedding dress paired with sneakers is a rarely seen combo but this there is something undeniably great about this look.

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@chrissyford in our Shelley peplum linen dress 🕊

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