Jada Sezer Shares Her Thoughts On Body Positivity Promotional Campaigns

2019 has seen a massive rise in body positivity. We’re seeing more body diversity in fashion campaigns and an increase in clothing to flatter curvier body types.

So-called “plus-size” model Jada Sezer is a champion of self-confidence and self-love. Although her face may be one of the frontline figures of body positivity, Sezer has shared that she is a little suspicious that a lot of these campaigns are all for show. That said, she is happy to see more diversity even if she still feels there is more progress to be made.

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“Personally I think it’s brilliant we’re seeing more body types,” she told Glamour. “I’m skeptical that it’s tokenistic and I’m skeptical that it’s for promotional publicity reasons, but at the same time I think whatever people’s motivations are, at least we’re seeing it now, so be it, but at least we’re finally seeing diversity.”

She added: “I’m interested in seeing a curvy girl in a space and it’s not just about because she’s curvy. I do talk about my body confidence, but that’s not my sole narrative online, that’s not the focus of my social media channels and the stories I tell.”

You can read the full interview here.