It’s Time to Finally Say Goodbye to Your “Skinny Clothes”

Clothing on a hanger
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Are you one of those people who holds onto clothes even after they don’t fit you? Some people have clothes sitting in the back of their closet from years ago when they were a few sizes smaller, but they can’t seem to bring themselves to get rid of them. While it may seem like there’s no harm in holding onto clothes on the off chance they’ll fit you again, it can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. Here’s why you should finally get rid of your “skinny clothes”.

Even if you have room in your closet, what’s the point of keeping clothes that don’t fit you? It’s just a constant reminder that you’ve put on some weight. Putting on weight isn’t always a bad thing—being skinner doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthier. When you were skinnier, you may have been engaging in disordered behaviors like restrictive eating or excessive dieting. Or you may have been underweight and unhealthy.

Holding onto clothes that don’t fit properly can make you feel bad about yourself and lead to negative thoughts. It also makes it hard to be present in the moment because you’re constantly thinking about the future and focusing on losing weight to fit back into the skinny clothes.

Remember, we’re in a pandemic, and weight gain is completely normal. What’s more important is to just get through COVID and to love yourself the way you are. There’s nothing more beautiful than self-love! Now throw away those skinny clothes!

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