Installing a Stairlift Can Be Life-changing If You’re Wheelchair Bound

When we’re younger, we never imagined the possibility of being wheelchair-bound later on in our lifetimes. But, unfortunately, it happens more often than we’d like to think as a result of simply aging, accidents, or unexpected diseases. Unfortunately, getting around in a wheelchair presents its fair share of challenges as many places aren’t wheelchair accessible. When you’re wheelchair-bound, thinking about where you can travel becomes a daily reality, as getting around on uneven surfaces or tight places becomes nearly impossible and we’re not even going to talk about public transportation. But, you can make your life easier at home. One life-changing thing you can do is install a stairlift. 

A stairlift will help you move from one floor of your residence to another, without having to depend on your friends and family. There’s nothing more humiliating than having to wait around for help, for activities that once used to be second-nature to you and with a stairlift you don’t have to anymore!

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Why Get a Stairlift?

There are many reasons why you should get a stairlift if you’re wheelchair-bound, but perhaps the most significant is that it will help you get back a feeling of independence. Forget about living in nursing homes, you can get around by yourself with a stairlift. You may have considered hiring a caregiver as an alternative for moving to a senior living home, but these can be expensive. 

Perhaps you’ve thought of using the stairs just this one time, well, this one time may be your last time, because you could fall and really badly injure yourself. Instead of worrying about getting up and down the stairs, all you have to do is activate the lift to come to your location, get in, and buckle up. In a matter of just seconds, you’ll be on your way!

Another great thing about stairlifts is that they can be used indoors or outdoors. Maybe you have a deck that you want to utilize; with a stairlift this is possible. You can finally enjoy eating breakfast on your patio again. 

What to Consider When Buying a Stairlift

It’s best to do your research before you invest in a stairlift as there are many manufacturers and different features with each one. For example, there are stairlifts that only consist of the seat, which is meant for elderly people who aren’t wheelchair-bound. While most stairlifts have swivel seats, safety belts, and battery backups,  if you want the added features of armrests, lift-up footrests, or folding up rails, you’ll have to look for manufacturers that have them.  

What Do They Cost?

The cost of stairlifts depends on the shape of your stairs and the amount of steps you have. If your home has 12-14 steps they should cost between $2,000 – $5,000, which includes installation and a one-year service warranty. Of course, higher-end models cost more and if your staircase is curved, you should expect to pay around $7,500. Although this may seem like a lot of money, when you consider the alternatives of moving to a one-story apartment or to a nursing home, which would cost you at least $3,500 a month, a stairlift is a great investment.

What’s the Best Stairlift?

Don’t worry, we’ve done some of the research for you to make your life easier. If you’re considering the best value, Ameriglide should be at the top of your list. There are many options available for outside or inside and curved or straight staircases. You can also choose between new, used, or refurbished options. Perhaps you’re looking for something that can get installed quickly. If this is the case, Acorn is a great option as they offer next day delivery and installation in many states. 


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