Inside an interior designer’s fashion contingency kit

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Interior designers are not only versed in tweaking your apartment, they are also masters in the field of fashion and have to be ready at all times. Let’s see how they manage all that running around and what are their secrets.

Always carry at least two more outfits

If you’re running around all day, you’re possibly going to encounter something unexpected. Having two different outfits as second options can really help you accomplish more.

Use the trunk as an emergency closet

Called for an emergency appointment? If you have a big trunk, don’t hesitate to change clothes there and come out looking like a million dollars!

Use tape to fix things

Tacky bracelets and disobedient blouses can easily be tamed by transparent tape. That way, you will still look elegant and feel comfortable. It’s the little things.

A rolled-up blazer is wrinkle free

Don’t fold it, roll it. By doing this, it will take up less space and be less prone to wrinkling. Keep it in the back seat or in the trunk.

Have a big wallet for everything

Instead of carrying around money, cards and everything else separately, invest in a big wallet to keep your pens, business cards and everything else tucked together.