How to Take a Selfie With Australia’s Cutest Animal

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If you’re visiting Western Australia, Rottnest Island is definitely worth a day trip. You can take a ferry from central Perth or Freemantle, which will take you to the home of the Quokkas. These adorable marsupials are very friendly and are known for their big grins and love of selfies. Here are five tips to get your perfect selfie shot with a quokka.

Be Respectful

Quokkas are wild animals. Even though they are used to interacting with humans, make sure you do not touch them, or attempt to pick them up. You will be fined for bothering them.

Patience and Perseverance

These little creatures do not mind having a selfie taken. But getting the perfect shot may take a few tries. Try putting the timer on your camera, so you get a chance to get into position. The lower the camera angle, the bigger the quokka grin. 

Wait for Them

A quokka will approach you if you are sitting still. Do not attempt to chase one, as not only is this cruel, but you will definitely not get a shot of a happy animal.


Quokkas are always on the lookout for a tasty treat. You are not allowed to feed them, but there will be plenty of delicious morsels from nearby trees. If you position yourself near fallen fruit, the quokka will spend more time near you, happily munching away.

Use the Right Tools

A selfie stick is a great tool for getting a great picture. It will enable wider angles and will be far less intrusive than shoving your phone in the quokka’s face. Once you get your shot, make sure you put your camera or phone away and just enjoy the company of these fabulous creatures.

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