How to de-stress in the morning in just 20 minutes

Photo by Dardan on Unsplash

Sometimes the stress of the day starts in the early morning. But that’s not good for our health. Read on for a few ways to de-stress your morning for a calmer, happier day.

Go outside

Leave your phone behind and eat breakfast outside. Give yourself a few minutes to chill and start the day with a healthy meal and some fresh air. Take deep breaths, and enjoy some time away from all electronic devices. Create yourself a cozy little area to sit in.

Start with some stretches

Doing yoga or even a few simple stretches every morning can have a remarkable effect on your mood and stress levels.

Lay your yoga mat down and try these easy stretches to help you achieve mental focus and balance, as well as tone the body. You’ll feel a lot less stressed if you do.

Attend your plants

Plants have an amazing ability to add life and interest to your outdoor area. Even if you’ve got a few plants, spend a few minutes tending them, nipping off any dead leaves and giving them some fresh water. Time spent with plants has known de-stressing effects.