How to Take Care for Your Cashmere

Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

Cashmere is referred to as the fabric of heaven. The wool made from the fiber of cashmere goat is a precious fabric and requires a lot of care. Here are some tips to care for your cashmere fabric:

Cold water hand wash

Only use a mild detergent and wash with your hands. It may seem easier to dry clean the fabric, but dry cleaning involves using harsh chemicals. Don’t use fabric softener as well. Gently massage the fabric in cold water. Ball it up to rinse and squeeze to remove the excess water. Ensure that the detergent is rinsed off thoroughly. But do not tumble dry or wring.

Dry flat and remove excess water

Don’t place the cashmere in a dryer. Put it on a dry towel and roll it to remove the water. When it is semi-dry, lay it on a drying rack to dry. Don’t hang. It is important to remove the water because the fabric shouldn’t be wet for long.

Store cashmere with cedar

Moths can be deterred by placing the fabric in clothing bags or airtight containers with cedar sachets. Ensure that it is clean because small traces of food can attract moths. Cedar helps repel the moths while giving it a pleasant scent. You can also use lavender if cedar is not readily available.