Graphic Eyeliner is the New Way to Stand Out

Graphic Eyeliner Is The New Way To Stand Out
Image via popxobeauty/Instagram

Graphic eyeliner is one of the latest makeup trends adored by celebrities and popular makeup artists. This new way of doing the feline flick give you all the space to experiment with shapes and colors. Next time you feel like the traditional cat eye is a bit boring, try out this super-cool liner.


If you are all about glitter, you will love this look. It’s easy to recreate, plus it’s fabulous. Glittery lids are meant for any time of the year, including summer.


Don’t be basic, when you can be extra. Makeup is one of the best ways to express how different you are from others. This graphic eyeliner below is so gorgeous and eye-catching. Strong Cleopatra vibes for an even stronger makeup look.


Why do one, when you can do three? All you need is creativity and a dash of color. This graphic eyeliner is so next level. Add some vibrant vibes to the lids by stealing this look.

Black And Simple

You can still stick to black and make it graphic. Add a bold eyeshadow as a base and start drawing your cool feline flick. Everyone will love it! You can opt for any shade of eyeshadow that you like, and make this look work.

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