Glossier’s Cloud Paint Doubles as a Cheek and Lip Tint

Glossier creates skincare that looks flawless on your skin with their easy-to-use formula.

It was founded in 2010, and they believe that proper skin care is vital in maintaining healthy and happy skin. Not only do they believe in the importance of treating one’s skin naturally – but they try to make you feel good even without makeup so their products aren’t harsh on the skin.

They have various skincare to fit all your needs, including perfumes, body care and a skincare line that protects your skin from pollutants. Their cloud paint line caught our attention because they give you a pop of color without being overbearing.

Pop of Color

Their blush came into fruition because the creators are in love with New York’s sunsets. The colors of the blushes serve as a palette for the sky that you can transform into your skin. Pair it with a natural bushy brow and a dab of cloud paint on your lips, and you’re ready to take on the world.

Shine Baby Girl

Glossier’s cloud paint line goes perfectly with a glossy lip for an ultra-hip 90s look. Their cheek blush also doubles as a lip tint, which makes this the perfect staple for women on the go. Also, the blendability of the product feels almost like butter on the skin – so it leaves your face feeling moisturized and glowing.

Blends Well with Other Skincare Brands

The great thing about Glossier’s packaging is that it’s subdued and gentle. It blends in with your other products in your bathroom cupboard and sits perfectly with your other skincare products. We’re in love with the Cloud paint line as well as Glossier’s other beauty products. Their overall brand image is spot on – minimalist yet functional.

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