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Because they are so easy to care for, cats can be great pets for elderly people. Unfortunately, dealing with cat litter is not so pleasant. Not only does the cat’s litter box require constant maintenance, but the cat litter itself can be very heavy for elderly people to carry after purchasing it from the pet store. Luckily, there is a modern solution that no longer requires elderly people to risk injury when carrying such heavy bags

Modern developments in eCommerce have resulted in numerous pet stores and other retailers selling their products online. Not only can elderly people order their cat litter online, but they can also have it delivered directly to their door, thereby saving them time, effort, and potential physical injury. Let’s take a look at the best places where you can buy cat litter online. 

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Chewy: Providing Quick And Convenient Cat Litter Deliveries

While they may be newcomers to the online market, Chewy provides a comprehensive range of pet products. Whether you own a cat or any other pet, there are thousands of products from you to choose from, all available from Chewy’s online store.

Chewy supplies a wide range of cat litter, leaving you spoilt for choice. Choose between popular brands such as Arm & Hammer, Fresh Step, Tidy Cats, and World’s Best, as well as a comprehensive range of biodegradable products.

The wide product selection is not the only reason to opt for Chewy, however. With Chewy AutoShip, you can have your order delivered directly to your front step. All you have to do is select the type of litter you want to be delivered and specify when as well as how often you want to receive it. If that’s not enough reason to sign up for Chewy AutoShip, new subscribers are also eligible to receive a discount of 30 percent.

PetSmart: Score Big With Unbeatable Discounts

With tons of physical locations, you’ve probably already heard about PetSmart. In fact, you may have even purchased some of their products in the past. In addition to its widely-known brick and mortar branches, PetSmart also operates a comprehensive online store.

When using PetSmart’s store, you can choose exactly when you want your order to be delivered. As one of the leading pet stores, PetSmart is always updating their product range with the latest offerings. Their selection of cat litter includes clumping, odor-neutralizing, and even multi-cat litter.

PetSmart offers a number of discounts and coupons. If you sign up to be a PetSmart Treats member, you will become eligible to receive free shipping for all orders exceeding $49. 

PetSmart Auto Ship is a great option for elderly cat owners. It allows you to arrange regular deliveries of cat litter to your door. That way, you never run out and never have to remember to place more orders. Another benefit of using PetSmart Auto Ship is that you will receive a five percent discount on every order.

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PrettyLitter: Providing Healthy, Hassle-Free Litter

Unlike its competitors, this new brand of cat litter is only available online. Despite its limited purchase mediums, PrettyLitter’s unique product offering and affordable price are enough to convince anyone to give them a try. Any purchase made on PrettyLitter’s website will be delivered directly to your door.

Affectionately known as the “best cat litter ever created,” PrettyLitter is designed to be hassle-free, making it a convincing choice for elderly cat owners. PrettyLitter is priced at $22 per bag and can be delivered to your door once every month. For people with more cats, PrettyLitter will deliver between two and four bags of litter every month. No matter what your order size is, shipping will always be free.

By eliminating moisture, PrettyLitter is designed to last for a full month- significantly longer than competitors’ products. In addition, the color of the litter will change as a means of notifying cat owners about any medical issues that their feline friends may be experiencing. This way, you can seek medical assistant for your beloved cat as quickly as possible.

Make Life Easier By Purchasing Your Cat Litter Online

With so many ways that you can buy cat litter online, you no longer have to endure the physical strain of lugging heavy bags back from the pet store. While cat litter is an essential item for cat owners, buying the item should not come at the expense of your physical wellbeing. Particularly since there are now so many options for having cat litter delivered directly to your home.

While there are a number of viable options above, a simple internet search will provide you with far more options for online retailers that supply cat litter. From here, you will be able to compare cat litter retailers and determine which one is the best option for you in terms of brands, prices, discounts, and loyalty programs- all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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