Get a Comfortable and Affordable Mattress Covered By Medicare!

Considering that we spend nearly one-third of our lives in bed, investing in a high-quality mattress is a priority. The right mattress will help to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, after which you wake up refreshed and ready to face the next day. What’s more, is that getting sufficient sleep can affect your metabolism and your immune system- which is even more important as you get older. While a mattress might usually be an expensive purchase, there are a number of mattress sales that you could take advantage of; particularly as a Medicare member! Let’s take a look at the types of mattresses that are covered by Medicare, as well as some great mattresses that will provide both health benefits and affordability!

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What Mattresses Are Covered By Medicare?

If you are a senior who falls under a Medicare health plan, you might be eligible to benefit from one of several Medicare Covered Mattresses! If you do qualify, Medicare may fully or partially cover the purchase price or rental of certain types of mattresses. Of course, this is dependent on a few qualifying factors. So, what types of mattresses do Medicare cover, exactly?

Well, Medicare only covers mattresses that are considered to be Durable Medical Equipment (DME). According to the Medicare website, this is equipment that is “medically necessary” to you and is prescribed to you by a doctor for use in your home. There are a few requirements that the mattress will need to meet in order to be considered DME:

  1. Serves a medical purpose
  2. Has been prescribed to you by a doctor
  3. Has a long term use
  4. Is used at home
  5. Designed for someone with a disability, injury, or medical condition in mind

Because of these requirements, only certain types of mattresses are considered to be DME, and are, therefore, covered by Medicare. To make your search easier, Medicare has listed the three types of mattresses and beds that could be covered by one of their plans:

  1. Pressure-reducing beds
  2. Pressure-reducing mattresses
  3. Pressure-reducing mattress overlays

Of course, coverage will depend on the terms of your Medicare plan as well as whether your doctor prescribes a mattress to address your medical diagnosis. If you do qualify for coverage, It is imperative that you purchase a mattress from a DME subscriber that is Medicare-approved.

In order to ensure that Medicare covers your mattress, consult with your doctor as well as the mattress company to ensure that everything is approved by Medicare.

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The Top Pressure Relief Mattresses

Because Medicare lists the types of mattresses that they cover, your search for a DME mattress does not have to be challenging. As you can see from the above information, all Medicare Mattresses For Seniors are focused on pressure relief. In order to make your search even easier, here are some of the best pressure relief mattresses to consider:

Solace Resolution Glissando Heavy Duty Mattress

With its layer of specialized “gliding” material, this mattress has been specially designed to eliminate friction. Its high-density foam content will help reduce pressure on your body while providing you with a comfortable sleep and the freedom to move around without hindrance.

Joerns PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress

Consisting of two layers of viscoelastic foam, this mattress cradles your body, relieving any forms of pressure that you may currently be hindering your body. It is specially designed to prevent instant relief from medical concerns such as pressure ulcers and wounds.

Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

Designed with a steady foam core, this mattress evenly distributes pressure across its surface so as to prevent any ulcers or sores. Due to being both waterproof and anti-microbial, this mattress is ideal for elderly or bedridden users. No matter how tough the stain, this mattress is prepared to handle it.

ThevoRelief Pressure Relief Mattress

Both soft and supportive, this mattress was specially crafted for those suffering from arthrosis, aches and pains, and general discomfort. With its unique wing suspensions, this mattress effectively tackles soreness and discomfort, making it a popular choice amongst those living with terminal illnesses. It is also known to reduce the effects of symptoms experienced by cancer patients.

Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System

This is not just a mattress; it’s a machine. The Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System has an array of features. These include being able to adjust the pressure of your mattress and switching between alternating and static pressure as and when needed. through its quiet pump, this mattress supplies an airflow and will help to direct or decrease pressure depending on their areas where you are experiencing pain.


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