Everything You Need to Know About SPF This Summer

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When summer comes, SPF creams will become your best friends. A lot of women out there don’t get the importance of protective skin care – all year round – and that’s why we’re here to make sure you know.

Protect the Scalp

Ladies forget that there is also skin on the scalp. You don’t want your head burning hot at the end of the day. This can happen even if you are only running errands around town. To avoid damage, just use an SPF spray on the part, or spray it on the hands first.

All Day, Every Day

Skincare is not only during hot summer days. You have to remember that even when you feel that the sun is not as strong, you have to be protected with an SPF cream. Wear it under makeup, and also use makeup products with a sun-protecting factor. Apply it before you go out in the morning. There are special face creams that will provide you with the ultimate protection. The same thing applies for winter.


The protection doesn’t end when you apply SPF only once. You have to stay safe at all times and reapply the cream every few hours. Make sure that you cover both face and neck. Women always forget about the lips, which also need protection. You can get an SPF lip balm, or simply use the cream you already have.

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