Check out these Cute walking shoes

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If you’re heading off on vacation and have plans to walk to see the sights, you might be wondering what shoes to choose. Let’s face it, walking shoes can be positively hideous, and that’s something everyone wants to avoid at all costs.

No matter how chic your outfit, an ugly pair of shoes can ruin even the sexiest of looks. The good news is that some houses have taken designing practical shoes seriously and come up with some great options.

Provided you pair them with the right items, these walking shoes are both comfortable for those long walks, and good-looking enough to wear with your evening dress. After all, you have limited space to pack in, so you can’t take loads of different pairs of shoes, even if you’re tempted.

Of course, you could go the sneaker route for ultra comfort, or even choose Birkenstocks. But if you’re looking for something a little more fashionable, a strappy platform shoe is perfect.

The extra height gives you a longer, leaner look, and the straps look fashion-forward enough for an evening outfit. Otherwise, what about going ladylike and choosing ballet flats? They’re comfortable for walking and go with absolutely everything.

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