Been Vaccinated? Here’s What You Should Know Before Heading Back to the Gym

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Now that people are starting to get vaccinated, there’s hope for life returning back to a new sense of normal. Even though things may feel like they are going back to the way they were prior to the pandemic, we’re a long way off from being in the clear. And if you’ve avoided going to the gym during the pandemic and are now considering going back now that you’ve been vaccinated, here’s what you should know.

Is it Safe?

Gyms have been linked to outbreaks of COVID-19 and they’re definitely still risky. The risk is less if you’re vaccinated, but a lot of the population still hasn’t been, so there’s still a small possibility of getting infected and you could be a carrier. Once herd immunity is reached, gyms will be safer, but experts don’t think it will happen until at least 70 percent of the population is vaccinated.

Is it Okay to Return?

Gyms that have strict social distancing and mask requirements are definitely safer than ones that don’t. Before deciding if you want to return to the gym, wait until you’re fully vaccinated and review your gym’s policies regarding social distancing, mask-wearing, and ventilation. If you return and see that the guidelines aren’t being enforced, consider coming back when it’s safer.