Beauty Tips for those Lazy Days

Image via Garon Piceli/Pexels

Not everyone is into standing in front of the mirror for hours in order to create that perfect look. We are all different, and while learning all the different types of makeup might be important to some, others are just trying to get out of the house with the least effort while still looking good. Here are a few tips on how to not bother with your hair and makeup but still look amazing!

Throw on a hat

It’s every girl’s secret weapon. It takes a long time to find a good hat that flatters your face but once you do, you will never take it off.

A low pony

You can never go wrong with a low pony! It always looks polished, even when pulled back in a messy “I woke up like this” style.

Add a bold color to your lips

Never underestimate the power of a bold lip. Even with no makeup, a little color on your lips can make miracles happen in less than a minute!

Take good care of your skin

Finding a skins care system that you love is essential to look good every day. If you don’t like to wear makeup, you should still find a good foundation that you could work with, so also your skin can be happy!

Get fun, beachy waves overnight!

Get those beachy waves without even going to the hairdresser! The way to do it is sleeping with your hair in a curled bun. The next morning you will look like the beachy surfer princess you’ve always wanted to be and the best part? no heat required!

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