Affordable Senior Transportation Services You Need to Know About

While retirement is a thrilling prospect to think about, there are also a number of inconvenient realities that one must face as they get older. One of the great difficulties that seniors face is driving, or rather, a lack thereof.

As your body gets frailer, it becomes increasingly difficult to move around. When considering that life expectancy is supposed to increase, this becomes a significant issue. An inability to drive can seriously hamper your quality of life as you reach the latter stages.

Fortunately, there are a number of transportation services available that will help you overcome this looming issue. By utilizing the service that best suits you, you can go about completing chores, visiting family, and enjoying a busy social life without allowing your inability to drive to get in your way. Let’s look at some of the best senior transportation services available.

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Accomplish Your Daily Tasks Without Needing To Get Behind The Wheel!

Driving provides you with the freedom to go anywhere, at any time that’s convenient for you. Unfortunately, seniors often misjudge their driving abilities, consequently putting themselves and other drivers in harm’s way.

Because of senior transport services, fewer seniors will feel the need to get behind the wheel of a car once they no longer have the competence required to do so. There are a whole host of benefits associated with using senior transportation services.

Keeping Your Freedom

Not having the ability to drive yourself around can bring up feelings of entrapment and isolation. Simple errands like picking up groceries become a daunting task without the use of a car. With senior transportation services, you can take your freedom back. Whether you need to do multiple errands in one day or even schedule them back-to-back, you can order a vehicle to your door with just a simple phone call. Revel in the feeling of independence once again without worrying about the risks that come with attempting to drive the car yourself.

Staying Safe on the Road

Once you hit a certain age, your reflexes, mobility, and cognitive skills are inevitably going to start to decline. If you continue driving despite no longer being physically and mentally fit to do so, you not only put your own life at risk, but you’re also endangering the lives of other people on the road.

By using senior transportation services, you are putting yourself in the capable hands of an experienced, talented, and reliable driver. By having a more skillful driver behind the wheel, you not only reduce the risk of injury or death, but you also afford yourself the opportunity to relax in the passenger’s seat.

Finding Rides Easily

Because you can no longer drive yourself, you may start becoming dependent on family members and friends to drive you around. While they try to do their best to help, they have their own daily schedules to follow, thereby making it difficult to rely on them every time you need to leave the house.

Because the primary goal of transport services is to drive you wherever you need to go, they are far more reliable than family members and close friends. You can even schedule a ride minutes before you need to travel. What’s also great is that you’ll no longer feel like you’re inconveniencing family members and friends who go out of their way to help you. 

Improving Your Emotional Health

If you enjoy being active, then not being able to drive can leave you feeling miserable. Transportation services give you the opportunity to enjoy all of your favorite hobbies, social activities, and pastimes.

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The Top Senior Transportation Services


This concierge service is aimed at seniors, with the purpose of connecting them with drivers operating in their area. GoGoGrandparent is partnered with Uber and Lyft and it provides a great ride-sharing alternative for seniors who are not tech-savvy.


This service provides transportation for seniors with Medicare and other forms of medical coverage. Veyo’s specialty is providing transportation to non-emergency medical appointments, even offering special vehicles to people in wheelchairs as well as those who need medical assistance during the journey. Depending on medical coverage, seniors can enjoy free rides with Veyo.

iTN America

This transport provider offers a unique service, namely by connecting seniors with local transportation. For those who need a little extra assistance, the driver helps passengers leave their house and to enter and exit the vehicle.

Give Senior Transportation Services A Try Today!

Rather than putting yourself at risk or remaining housebound, enjoy being in the passenger seat while using a senior transportation service. With so many services available, you no longer have to endure the hassles that come with not having access to transportation when you need it.

Do a quick internet search to find out about the other transportation services available and be sure to check if your city and county have any assistance programs aimed at elderly residents. If not, you can always try the options listed above. With transportation services, you can travel wherever you want, when you want.