A Guide to Picking the Right Shoes For Your Attire

Photo by Jaclyn Moy on Unsplash

It is always difficult to find shoes that match your clothing. You need to pick one that suits the attire instead of overpowering it. Here are some ideas that may help:

Consider the occasion

Shoes must match the event, occasion, and the environment. Flashy evening shoes should not be worn to the office, and flip-flops do not blend in with formal events. Instead, use loafers or flats for casual events and pumps for dressy meetings.  Shoes can be used with suits and stilettos go with jeans.

Dress according to the season

Only wear shoes fit for each season. Fall shoes should be worn during fall. However, you can opt for evening sandal on certain occasions, but when you wear fall clothing, stick to fall shoes. Some shoes like leather pumps can be sued in different seasons as long as the weather permits it.

Color match

Black shoes are everyone’s favorite because they can be used with any other color, including black. If you want to pair other colors, here’s a guide to follow:

  • Tan/light brown: blue, lighter ran, beige, white
  • Brown: brown, orange, darker earth tones, and greens
  • Black: everything except earth tones
  • White: brights, pastels and light neutrals
  • Gray: blues, blacks, reds, grays
  • Silver: white, pastel, purple and black
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