7 Game of Thrones Inspired Halloween Costumes Worthy of The Iron Throne

Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones"

If you are still mourning the end of Game of Thrones, why not relive the series by dressing as your favorite GoT character? Here’s some inspiration from Instagram’s greatest cosplayers.

Khaleesi and her Dragons

This is officially one of the greatest family costumes we have ever seen. Alternatively, dress up as Khaleesi and have your three best pals dress as your dragon minions.

Queen Margery of House Tyrell

Queen Margery is easily one of the most stylish ladies of Game of Thrones. Her style hits the balance between regal and a little saucy.

King Joffrey of House Baratheon

If King Joffrey is your favorite character, you are in the minority. Here’s an awesome Joffrey costume anyway.

The Red Woman

The Red Woman is a great costume choice for redheads. You can wear pretty much any red dress and as long as you nail the hair and the necklace, people will know who you are.

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А сегодня красная женщина, жрица бога Рглора, прекрасная Мелисандра удостоит вас своим вниманием на #COMICCONRUSSIA #ИГРОМИР 😅⠀ Позже, надеюсь, выложу фотки в лучшем качестве и с самого мероприятия. ⠀ Если кто-то из тех, кто это читает будет сегодня – напишите в директ, увидимся хоть.⠀ С Мелисандрой проще чем с Браном. Я могу оставаться собой, общаться (с Браном и моим писклявым женским голосом я этого избегала). Я более узнаваема в этом образе и могу оставаться женщиной 😁⠀ А главное – могу ходить! Теперь ещё больше сочувствую людям в инвалидных колясках. Когда хочется встать, а ты не можешь – это ужасно! У меня это была всего лишь временная роль, а кто-то мучается всю жизнь…⠀ У этого косплея тоже есть минусы, но они терпимые и весьма обычные: устаёшь на каблуках (я невысокая, мне без них никак), устаёт голова от парика, он тяжеловат, устают глаза от линз, а также периодически наступаю на платье, хотя у меня нет подола, другим в этом плане сложнее. Так что Мелисандрой мне весьма комфортно 😉

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This Awesome Daenerys Hair

This Daenerys-inspired hair is what Halloween dreams are made of. The dragon horned crown with platinum braids is the perfect Khalisi tribute.

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. Horn crown process! . 🔥I sculpted individual horns from @luminsworkshop foam clay, using claws as reference. I made them slightly bigger than I wanted so they could be shaved down. Let dry 48 hrs. 🔥I individually numbered them as I took them off of the wig head so I knew which was which. 🔥I dremmelled them into sharper points and added some divoted texture by tapping them with the dremmel. Be very gentle as you sharpen the tips as they get delicate fast. 🔥I used a wood burner to add grooved texture to the base of the horns. 🔥I heat sealed with heat gun and covered in Modge podge. Let dry 24 hours. 🔥I painted two coats cherry red @krylonbrand spray paint and one very delicate coat of Krylon black spray paint at the tips. 🔥The horns were then individually hotglued to a pre-marked band of bias tape that closely matched the wig. 🔥 The band of bias tape was then sewn onto the structure of the wig. Because I want to be able to use this wig again in a completely different style, everything was attached by sewing, no glue. 🔥Hair was woven around and between the spikes in order to cover as much of the band as possible. Lots and lots of @got2b glued hairspray (being sure not to spray the spikes) and bobby pins were used. . Viola! Ol’ spikey head! . I will go into more detail on how I braided the hair and added the bun in a future post! . Check out my Dany highlight for time-lapses of the braiding . ❤️ . Special thanks to @posewigs for carrying such gorgeous wigs and matching wefts as well as to @kat.ofalltrades for letting me borrow her badass viking braid book that was super inspirational! . . . #daenerys #daenerystargaryen #daenerystargaryenedit #daeneryscosplay #daenerysstormborn #daeneryshair #khaleesi #queendaenerys #evafoam #evafoamarmor #evafoamprops #evafoamcosplay #evafoambuild #wigstyling #foamarmor #foamarmour #cosplaytips #cosplaywip #cosplaywips #concrunch #armorbuild #daenerys #daeneryscostume #daeneryscosplay #horns #braidingwig #lacefrontal #braiding #hairaccessories #momocon #momocon2019 #cosplaycontest

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Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark is another great choice for redheads. It’s also a great excuse to bust out that OTT black fur coat you have been saving for the right occasion.

The Night King

If you want to truly show off your makeup and facepaint skills, The Night King is a great choice. It’s also bound to spook others, which is what Halloween is all about.

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