5 Ways to Brighten up Your Home

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Most of us crave a brighter living space, whether it’s achieved from a natural or fabricated source of light. There are many tips that you can follow, some cheap and other very expensive. Here are our favorites, to suit a range of budgets.

Move furniture

A simple and cheap solution to opening up your space is to move around your furniture. Throw out any bits that create clutter and try and keep the window area as free from furniture as possible. This will allow natural light into the room and immediately make it look brighter.

Be Bold in Color Choices

Although the general rule of thumb is to use light-colored paint for your walls, don’t be afraid of using a bold color and creating a feature wall. If you have a chimney stack, rather than make that your feature, why not paint either side a bright shade of terracotta. 

Be Ruthless with Old Rugs

Brighten a living area by putting down a colorful rug. This can radically change the mood and style of a room and create a more positive space. If you want to add more color, consider using cushions that bounce off your favorite shades in the rug.


With more and more household objects connecting to our SMART devices, such as Alexa, changing the mood of a room is a simple task. Start with color-changing voice-controlled light bulbs, so that you can create an ambiance of your choosing.  

Plant more Plants

Potting plants will really add to any living space. They add color and make the environment feel lighter. Try having some fun with planting succulents. They are easy to maintain, so you can get more imaginative in your planting.

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