4 Unspoken Rules of Museum Etiquette

Have you ever visited a museum, but been annoyed by the lack of manners of the people around you? Perhaps they’ve talked loudly on their cell phones or blocked your view of the artwork. These behaviors can ruin your experience and here are five etiquette rules to follow when visiting museums.

Check Your Bags

If you’re carrying something bigger than a small purse, check your items when you arrive at the museum. Oversized bags can block other’s views and they can cause you to knock expensive pieces over.

Don’t Crowd the Artwork

The artwork inside museums is rare so show it respect. Many pieces have protective barriers around them, but those that don’t should still be given space. Also, don’t push others so you can get a good view of the art. It’s okay to admire the artwork, but you should also be aware that other people want to see it.

Turn Your Cell Phone Off

There’s nothing worse than being in a quiet museum enjoying artwork to be taken out of the moment by a loud cell phone. If you have to take a call, find a lobby or cafe or text.

Avoid Flash Photography

Many museums don’t allow photos, but for those that do, make sure your flash is off. Flashes are not only distracting, but they can actually harm the artwork.