3 Tips For Bathing Your Cat

It’s a known fact that most cats don’t like getting wet. But, when you’re cat is dirty, you have no other choice but to give them a bath. In general, cats groom themselves daily, which makes the need for baths less frequent. In situations where you must wash your cat, here are three tips for making the experience better for you and your pet.

Only Clean the Dirty Areas

Brushing your cat regularly is the best way to avoid having to bathe them, but when your cat is too dirty for a brush to do the trick, wash only the areas of your cat that need cleaning. This way you are minimizing the discomfort your cat feels.

Choose the Right Shampoo

Use a shampoo made specifically for cats as human or dog shampoos can be toxic to felines. Cat shampoos can be found at most pet stores and your veterinarian may recommend a specific shampoo or cleaning method if your cat has health issues.

Wash Carefully

Before you even turn on the water for the bath, make sure you have trimmed your cat’s nails. While any cat owner knows how difficult this is, it will help you avoid getting injured when your cat gets wet. Also, make sure that everything you need for the bath is already prepared which includes cat-safe shampoo, a washcloth, a cup for pouring the water, and a towel.

Once everything is prepared, fill the bath with a few inches of lukewarm water and either get the area of the cat wet by dipping your cat in the water or pouring the water on a washcloth and dampening their fur. Be careful of getting water in your cat’s eyes, nose, or ears and use a washcloth or brush to apply the cat shampoo. Finish off by rinsing the area and drying your cat off with a towel. Brush your cat to remove any loose hair.

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