3 Habits That Are Bad For Your Economic Health

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Did you know that little habits can add up so much that they practically determine your life? This is also true for the financial aspect of your life, and there are some habits that, if you don’t stop them, will ruin your bank account.

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It’s one thing having a mortgage for your home, and another having several credit cards maxed out because you wanted to buy things you couldn’t afford. Working just to spend your salary on credit card bills is a sad way to live and you should always avoid it.

Saving on the Wrong Things

Sometimes you’re better off paying the full price for something instead of skimping and having to pay for it over and over again or even more down the road. Make sure to avoid such situations.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Your happiness doesn’t depend on whether or not you have something “everyone else” has. Stop comparing yourself to the others and be clear about your financial priorities and you’ll finally feel free and truly happy.


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